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The Going Got Tough and the Tough Got Going

This was a tiny outdated kitchen and breakfast room in a historic home that taxed our talents to the max. We took the inside outside with an addition and filled it in with custom cabinetry, concealed appliances, architectural lighting, hardwood floors, warm ceiling beams, and full-height marble backsplashes all the way to the ceiling. Fabulous!

From Clean and Simple to Gorgeous and Gourmet

We touched all surfaces, from high and low to side to side with architectural detailing at it's finest. Hardwood floors, mahogany and granite tops, detailed custom casework, brick backsplashes, and a picture-frame ceiling complete this space. Bon Appetite!

Home is Where the Hearth Is

The glow of a hearth kitchen will take the chill off any day. This kitchen was designed and remodeled around it's existing fireplace, including a seating area, dining area, and plenty of space for cooking and entertaining. The warmth of the wood, stone, and brick say "welcome, come and rest and visit for a while."

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Let's Go Out in the Yard

If its time for an addition, you've come to the right place. Often an economical solution to buying a new house, more square footage can make a world of difference, in not only the comfort, but also the happiness, of your home. It seems that when the kids get bigger the house gets smaller. We can design and build to your exact needs and wants. Problem solved!

It's Time to Relax


A couple nearing retirement asked for our help. Make it open and airy, see-through and happy, and flat- easy does it on the stairs. Pow! Vaulted ceilings, large windows and fireplaces highlight this home was that custom made and perfectly fit their expectations.










Where are the Kids?

They're in this dual-function lower level family room. This seprate yet combined area provides a space for mom and dad and the children, a place the kids can call their own. Neat and tidy, safe and sound. Lower level spaces are economical to build, as the floors, walls, and ceilings are already in place.

Me and My Shadow

From a cramped kitchen full of shadows, to open and airy with a large eating area, this transformed kitchen brought in the sunshine to brighten the space. With an adjoining wall removed, this kitchen opened up to become a friendly gathering place suitable for almost anything, including a good meal.


Living rooms and family rooms are areas of the home so often forgetten for renovation work, and with much time spent here, maybe it's time for a fixup, or a changeup, or both! Talk to us about a new facade for your fireplace including side-by-side built-ins, custom mantles, and flat screen TVs. Perhaps it's time for a new finish for your flooring, new moldings for your ceiling, or recessed lighting for a warm glow. Simple changes make a big difference.

It's Not Nice to Fool Mother Nature

But sometimes it's necessary. Cover up or open up, cool down or warm up, we can arrange it for you. From beautiful covered terraces and patios with built-in infrared heaters, to open spaces with stone fireplaces, find liveable space you never knew you had right at your own backdoor.

Rooftop Garden Bath


Perhaps your master bath is ready for a makeover. How about something sparkling, clean, and polished? Or something old and something new when it comes to the casework, tops, and plumbing fixtures. We can walk you through the possibilities, from dressed up to dressed down. Let us highlight your ideas to transform your space.

V is for Vault

Building a master garden bath out over the family room opened the door for endless possibilities and economical construction. Lofty, open, and airy, this his and her bathroom was built for function and style. Working parents with no time to mess around- each enjoy their own space within the same room.

Garden Bath.jpg

Garden Bath.jpg

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